Timothy Plant & Latent

Timothy James Plant, born 15th May 1968 in Lambeth, London, was raised in Morden, Surrey and Rhineland, Germany where he stays when work permits. He is a strong and committed supporter of WSPA, RSPCA and The British Heart Foundation and a dedicated vegan. After playing in, and starting, many bands, Tim then became a solo artist and created “Latent”, to promote his own alternative style of music. He then went on to build Flabby Toad Studio (aka LR Studio 1), which has a mobile facility, and Latent’s Records an independent record label. During the creation of the record Label, Krazed Mag a website to promote new and local artists from all creative avenues was born.

​Tim, a self confessed lover of film soundtracks and mood inspired music, has produced hundreds of instrumentals, which have had radio play and requests for his work from companies to support their products.

Latent’s Music

From his growing work and collaborations Tim extended the Latent’s company to include Latent’s Music (Now defunct), an inclusive company that allows people of all ages, and abilities, to experience the process of music, from writing and recording, to producing their own tracks and releasing to the public (see Will Powerz), and artists who are just starting out, who do not have access to studio facilities and provides help with his experience in music.

Tim has produced a catalogue of songs, which can be used as a starting point for artists to add their own vocals, and additional instruments onto. These tracks have been released under Latent Feat, he has also showcased artists through different mediums from various music genres.

To date, Tim has worked with many artists, and encouraged young people with additional needs to put their own thoughts, feelings and energy into music. These tracks have been released on promotional music sites.

​This website’s aim is to showcase some of the material Latent/Latent’s Music has produced, and to inspire others to experiment with music and fulfil their dreams.